From LC/MS to HPLC to Gas chromatography, Fisher Chemical offers a broad portfolio of high-purity solvents, solvent blends and additives specially designed and manufactured for use in chromatography applications.

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New Specification: Optima LC/MS Now Optimized for UHPLC-UV Applications

  • Optimized for UHPLC-UV. Novel gradient elution test in the full UV range (200-400 nm) ensures extremely low levels of UV-absorbing impurities
  • Sub-micron filtration of Optima? LC/MS solvents prolongs the life and effectiveness of UHPLC components, such as inlet filters, check valves and seals, injectors, and columns by reducing instrument downtime and maintenance cost
  • Filtration feature provides very low particle content for maximum purity
  • Dual functionality – use for LC/MS and UHPLC-UV
Karl Fischer titration

Your solution for water content determination by Karl Fischer titration

Our Fisher Chemical? Aqualine? Karl Fischer reagents portfolio is designed to meet the needs of the analytical chemist by providing accurate water content determination using volumetric or coulometric titration with unique benefits.

  • Fast – Reach the endpoint quickly
  • Convenient – Long product shelf-life
  • Reliable – Very stable endpoint 

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